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Bloomberg Businessweek 

Business Provides Mobile Technology for Tanzanian Women

In many parts of Africa, a cellphone is much more than a phone; it's a flashlight, a watch, a calculator, a camera, and a radio...


Kidogo Kidogo: Your purchase helps bring a cell phone to a woman without one 

Kidogo kidogo, a social enterprise that sells iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s cell phone cases in their online store, helps women in Tanzania gain access to life-changing mobile technology. Read the rest of the article.

Frederick News Post 

Business Provides Mobile Technology for Tanzanian Women

In many parts of Africa, a cellphone is much more than a phone; it's a flashlight, a watch, a calculator, a camera, and a radio. Read the rest of the article here at

Fem 2.0 

Kidogo Kidogo means "Little by Little"

Working in the developing world has given me numerous experiences. I am a product of my experiences, and many of them in the developing world have shown me how powerful a mobile phone can be. I have been at mobile health conferences and have heard of how mobile phones are used to send free mosquito net vouchers to people to prevent malaria. Read the full blog post here at

Frederick Magazine 

On the Line in Tanzania

Two sisters originally from Middletown, have founded Kidogo Kidogo, an international social enterprise that sells cell phone cases with proceeds going to provide cell phones to low-income Tanzanian women. Visit Frederick Magazine online here at 

Brit + Co 

The Do-Gooder’s Gift Guide: 25 Gifts that Give Back

Kidogo Kidogo Up and Away iPhone Case ($30): Up, up, up, and away! For every kidogo kidogo phone case sold, they buy a phone (or phone credits) to give to a woman in Tanzania who could not otherwise afford it. Very cool. Featured along side products from Tom's, Tory Burch, and Jonathan Adler. See what other products made the list here


Autostraddle Gift Guide 

Gadget Gifts for You and Yours

This company kind of operates like Toms – buy a case, Kidogo Kidogo then buys phones and phone credits to give to women who could really super use them in Tanzania. I really love that the money from your purchase doesn’t go to a giant corporation!  See the full article here at


The Herald Mail 

Frederick County sisters launch cellphone case company

Kidogo Kidogo, a cellphone case company launched by Frederick County, Md., sisters Kim and Kristen Waeber, works with partners to deliver mobile handsets or mobile phone credits, which are similar to prepaid cellphones, to women in Tanzania.  Read the full article here at

Love and Waffles 

Kidogo Kidogo: Little By Little

Today I am sharing something I really believe in, which is companies that are not solely based on making a profit. I am a fan of organizations that give back. Read it here.

Chelle Musings 

My Favorite Things: kidogo kidogo phone cases

I am so excited this week to talk about a great company I recently discovered called Kidogo KidogoI always highlight companies or products that I of course love but the best part is when I can bring attention to a small, private business or a business that does social good. This week I get to talk about both :-). Read it here.

Melanie Pace

Endless Summer

I love this brand because not only do they offer cute cases, but for every case that’s sold, Kidogo Kidogo donates a phone to women in Tanzania who could not otherwise afford it. Read the full post here!

Women 2.0 

5  Lessons Our Startup Has Taught Us

We heard several times not to expect overnight success, but we believe entrepreneurs should be disappointed when they are not on the front page of The New York Times in the first month. You need to believe that your product, company, blog, etc, should be successful, or why are you doing it? If it doesn’t happen you regroup, put your head down, and start working on month two. Read the full post here!

Wannabe Fashion Blogger 

Obsession: Kidogo Kidogo

I am so pleased to have partnered with the company Kidogo Kidogo, which translates to “little by little” in Swahili. Kidogo Kidogo is an amazing company that is working hard to create positive change for women in Tanzania by providing them with access to mobile phones and/or mobile phone credits, which can help these women stay connected within their own community and with the rest of the world. Read the full write up here. 

Rags and Roses 

Kidogo kidogo: Cases That Care

Today, I am proud to tell you all a bit about a company with a great cause: kidogo kidogo. Kidogo Kidogo is an online shop that sells phone cases. But, these cases do a lot more than accessorize. When you buy a case, the people at Kidogo Kidogo are able to provide women in Tanzania with mobile phones, who otherwise couldn't afford them. Read more here!


Kidogo kidogo Launch "Cases That Care" Collection & Give Mobiles to Tanzania

Kidogo kidogo, an organisation on a mission to provide the women of Tanzania with mobile phones, have recently launched a stylish collection of iPhone cases to help their cause. Read the full article.

She Loved Life 

An iPhone Case to Change The World

Up until recently, I never thought a phone case could change a life.  Then I met Kim and Kristen Waeber, co-founders of the amazing company, kidogo kidogo.  These two ladies are doing their best to change the way women live in Tanzania. Read the full post here!

red bag report 

Cases that Care

What if purchasing something as simple as an iPhone case made a sizeable impact on someone’s lifestyle and safety worlds away? That’s not so farfetched; there are at the moment several brands that are appealing to the masses whose companies are making a splash philanthropically, by grabbing your stylistic aesthetic.  From Tom’s to FEED Project; Kidogo Kidogo has now joined the club of transparent brands devoted to making a difference in the world. See the article here!

all glammed up 

little by little 

I got my first cell phone when I was 13 or 14, and most of my friends either already had one, or got their first one shortly after.  Over the years, I've become so attached to my phone and use it for so many things, including staying in touch with loved ones. Visit all glammed up here!

The Fashion Stir Fry 

kidogo kidogo

It is no news to my regular readers that i have moved quite a bit and Maryland, USA happens to be the first place i moved to well over a decade ago. Moving there gave me the chance to own my first mobile phone ever! I remember the first call i made was to my mom back home in Nigeria. Oh, you should have seen the the excitement on both ends when i called her. She laughed and was certainly happy to hear my voice on regular basis. Read the full blog post here!

Charmingly Styled 

brand to know - kidogo kidogo

I love discovering new brands, especially those who are using their company to raise awareness and help women around the world. Read the full blog post here.

wardrobe oxygen 

Small Business Saturday: Kidogo Kidogo

In Swahili, Kidogo Kidogo means “little by little.” And little by little, the cell phone case company Kidogo Kidogo is improving the lives of Tanzanian women. By helping lift the financial barrier that prevents women in Tanzania from having access to mobile technology, Kidogo Kidogo offers stylish cell phone cases with a purpose. Read the full article here.

A Glimpse of Glitter 

Kidogo Kidogo: Cases That Care + All Things Thursday

Hi pretties! Today I am so excited to be sharing with you something I've been absolutely loving lately: Kidogo Kidogo phone cases! Read the full blog post here.

A Touch of Southern Grace 

Kidogo Kidogo (meaning little by little in Swahili) was founded by Kim and her younger sister, Kristen, with the intent of being able to lift the financial barrier preventing women in Tanzania from having access to mobile-technology. Read the full article here.


What Dress Code 

This inspiring biz sells iPhone cases designed by Tanzania-based artist Sarah Markes. The mission is simple: For every two Kidogo Kidogo iPhone case purchased, the organization is able to contribute a cellphone and the necessary accessories to help give a woman in Tanzania the gift of communication. Read the full article here.

Cornflake Dreams 

iPhone Case that Makes a Difference

I am excited to introduce kidogo kidogo, which translates to "little by little" in Swahili. Kidogo Kidogo was created with the mission of improving the lives of women in Tanzania by providing them with access to life changing mobile-technology. Visit the article and Cornflake Dreams here.

That's Pretty Ace 

Providing mobile phones might sound like a small thing to do, but these sisters are making a huge impact in women's lives. Read the full post here.

Laurie Jones Home 

The company sells phone cases but what sets them apart besides being super cute and protecting your phone is that they are putting life changing mobile technology into the hands of women across Tanzania. Check out the blog and the article here.

Juggling in Heels 

Kidogo Kidogo

One of my favorite parts of Juggling in Heels is meeting women who have created amazing businesses and sharing them with all of you.  The power of women is incredible and I admire so many who are willing to take the risk to follow an idea.  I admire them even more when that idea offers them the opportunity to give to others. Read the full post here.

Bows and Beau-ties 

Kidogo Kidogo: Cases that Care

We always have our phones out. Checking emails, text messages, and newsfeed. Especially Instsgram - constantly going through the past four hours of activity, closing the app, double checking a minute later…ok, maybe that's just me. So, our phones are a daily accessory and of course phone cases are the perfect way to personalize them. Read more here!

a cuppa fashion 

Kidogo Kidogo: Fashionably Making a Difference

Two things I love: phone cases and fashionable items that do more than just look good. I am more than happy when I can find something that does both. I have come to view my phone as its own little fashion accessory, mainly because I am never without it. Read it here. 

Chic Avenue Daily 

Kidogo Kidogo…Fashionably Making a Difference!

Every now and then you hear a story that really tugs at your heart strong and makes you see that good can still be done in this world with the most simplest of ideas and actions. Read the full article here at


Kidogo Cases Lift Tanzanian Women From Poverty

Kidogo Kidogo means "little by little" in Swahili. And for sisters Kim and Kristen Waeber, who founded the cell phone case company by that name, this is just how they are working to change the world. Read the full article here

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