Who We Have Donated To

Here are a few stories of women who have benefited from receiving phones. Since kidogo kidogo is donating more phones to women all the time, check back periodically for updates. 


Meet Mwajuma

Mwajuma is 69-years-old and lives in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. She is a fruit vendor selling mangos, papayas, and bananas. Every other day she goes to the fields to buy fresh fruit and carries it back to the main road where she sells to people passing by on their way to Dar es Salaam. Now her body is sore, so there are days when she does not feel strong enough to go pick up the fruit. Mwajuma does not read or write, but she knows numbers so well that "no one can cheat me," she says proudly. With her new phone Mwajuma says she will use it to call the farmers and have them bring the fruit to the road so she can still do business. The smile on her face says it all, this phone means so much to her.

Meet Pili.

Pili sure has a lot of spunk for her age. As she toured us around her spinach farm, Pili exemplified exactly what is possible through hard work. She proudly told us that through her spinach farming, she had been able to pay for her grandson’s schooling all the way through university and into his Master’s degree. While she is a proud grandmother supporting all her grandchildren, her grandson has a special place in her heart as she raised him herself and she will rely on him to come back to take care of her after he finishes his schooling. Pili was so excited to receive a phone because she said her customers can now call and place orders. She also now has a line directly to her grandson.

Meet Tabia.
Tabia is a food vendor selling small breakfast treats. A widow, left with seven children to care for, Tabia is the only income provider for her family. Previously Tabia had her own mobile phone. Three months ago her mother passed away in another region of Tanzania. Upon going to Mtwara she found that much of her family were in even worse financial shape than she was. Knowing it would be easier for her to borrow a phone than it would be for her relatives to get one in Mtwara, Tabia left her mobile phone there for her relatives. Receiving a phone meant the world to her. It meant reconnecting to her family and giving her back a tool she knew was so valuable that by leaving it behind she would be helping her family.
Meet Moshi.
Moshi, a mother of 6 children has a lot of mouths to feed. Fortunately, both herself and her husband are farmers doing successful businesses. Moshi is a spinach farmer with her plot of land strategically located near a bus stand for easy access to distribution for her crops. 

Education is the most important thing to Moshi in raising her children. All six children are currently in either primary or secondary school. 

This was not Moshi’s first phone. She had a phone in the past, but the battery on this phone broke and she could not get it fixed. She has been working to buy another phone, but has been prioritizing education for her children. Looking at her new phone now as a tool for business, Moshi is so excited about the possibilities.